Saturday, 2 August 2014

movies with kirsty: Guardians Of The Galaxy

In short, this movie was just so much fun. In typical marvel fashion, the jokes were stupid, the villain was overly theatrical, and Stan Lee's cameo was just as ridiculous - but it all added to this film's charm. A sci-fi and a fantasy rolled into one - kind of like Narnia, but set in space. (And almost a spiritual experience when viewed in 3D.)

The stars of the show are the galaxy's very own Breakfast Club; a bunch of misfits in their own right, each with their own heartbreaking backstory, leading them to empathise with each other and form a very special bond. (Friendship. Obviously.)

Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) is the John Bender of the group, sporting an impressive superiority complex and an unhealthy dose of repressed childhood trauma. Dave Bautista's Drax provides some amusement due to his new companions acting as a catalyst to develop his pitifully limited sense of humour and understanding of sarcasm. As for the double act comprised of Rocket (raccoon? rodent? hamster?) and -who I like to imagine as a distant relation of Tolkien's Ents- Groot, I was more than pleasantly surprised.

Deadly duo? You decide.
I was prepared for the anthropomorphic characters to constantly grate on my nerves as their likes usually do, but they were not what I expected at all. Every one of Bradley Cooper's lines as Rocket were bursting with attitude and expression. On the other hand, Groot was, to put it quite simply - adorable and completely endearing.

From a feminist point of view this film was really refreshing; the most deadly of the ensemble was Gamora, Thanos' adopted daughter. On top of that, the best fight scene was without a doubt between her and sister Nebula. And, without spoiling too much, a romance was established between two characters without objectification or any slow-mo kissing scenes! You go James Gunn!

For me, the crowning glory of Guardians was the soundtrack, aka 'Awesome Mix Vol. 1'. Full of absolute gems from the 70s, to name a few; Bowie, Jackson 5, Blue Swede - and it keeps getting better. These are the perks of having a main character removed from Earth during the 80s with only a cassette tape to his name. 

The proclaimed mixtape.

Overall, this film has something to please everyone. The world they have created is beautiful and intricate, thanks no doubt to the hundreds of graphic designers credited at the end. Lovable characters, a killer soundtrack, and a relatively easy to follow plot, embellished with witty one liners and slapstick humour. What more could you ask for in a superhero movie? 

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